Monday, 21 February 2011

UK Feed in Tariff (FIT's) for Ceramic Fuel Cells Bluegen MCHP

UK Feed in Tariff

During the half-year (2010) the Company continued to make progress towards having BlueGen certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (“MCS”) in order to access the UK Government’s feed in tariff. All microgeneration products must be accredited under MCS in order to be eligible for the UK feed in tariff.
In the December quarter a new MCS standard for electricity led micro combined heat and power units was developed, approved and published. Ceramic Fuel Cells was
instrumental in instigating and promoting this new standard which is an essential
requirement for accreditation under MCS. The existing standards applied to micro heat and power products which maximised heat output. This new standard applies specifically to micro heat and power products whose primary purpose is to generate electricity, with domestic hot water being an additional output. During the December quarter the Company also successfully completed a range of tests required by the MCS.

BlueGen was successfully tested under the PAS67 standard - the British Standards
Institution standard for tests to determine the heating and electrical performance of microcogeneration packages. This testing confirmed that BlueGen provides hot water for domestic use as well as significantly reducing net carbon emissions when compared to a modern condensing gas boiler and electricity from the UK grid. BlueGen was also tested by an independent body for its noise output.

In December the MCS auditor, BRE Global, conducted a factory assessment at Ceramic
Fuel Cells’ production facility in Melbourne. The Company expects the review of the data provided during this site visit to be completed during the March quarter, and additional procedures to be implemented during the June quarter in order for BlueGen to be formally accredited under MCS.

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