Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dental Surgery Air Conditioning Case Study

Dental Surgery Air Conditioning Case Study

Case study of St Andrews Dental Surgery Air conditioning Biggleswade, Bedfordshire (17/06/13)

Installation of Daikin air conditioning and heat pump heating systems.

Orion air conditioning & refrigeration ltd is pleased to complete the installation of three Daikin Air Conditioning FTXS wall mounted air conditioning heat-pump heating systems at St Andrews Dental Surgery Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. The building was one of the existing Biggleswade High Street buildings and the project was based on the first floor which has undergone extensive refurbishment and modernisation. 

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Dental surgery air conditioning heat-pump systems

Daikin Air Conditioning FTXS35K, FTXS50K and FTXS25K wall air conditioning heat-pump heating systems where installed on the first floor in two treatment rooms and the waiting room area. The Daikin air conditioning FTXS wall mounted units are exceptionally quiet and unobtrusive and offers the user the environmental control without the control issues associated with cheaper air conditioning systems. Two of the indoor units were connected to a 3MXS68G multi air conditioning outdoor unit as there was limited space for the outdoor units to be mounted on and the MXS multi units give the user high power from compact outdoor design.  Daikin outdoor units are one for two manufactures permitted by Westminster council to be installed in the city borough due to the silent running noise. The systems are extremely powerful and rugged machines designed for a long life. The Daikin outdoor unitshave a great efficiency and will operate in extreme temperatures ( -15 DegC to 42DegC) whether heating of cooling.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

KFR-THP09 Swimming Pool Heat-pump Heater (9 kW / 30000 Btu)

KFR-THP09 Swimming Pool Heat-pump Heater (9 kW / 30000 Btu):

KFR-THP09 Air Source Heat-pump Heater for pool/pond (9 kW / 30000 Btu)
In the UK all swimming pools need to be heated in some way to get the maximum usage from them each year. A heat pump does not directly generate heat, it simply captures it and transfers it from the air to the water in your pool, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly system for heating your swimming pool. Until recently the options for heating a pool have been gas, electric or oil, all of which are either costly to run or difficult and expensive to install, or both. Air to water heat pump swimming pool heaters are both easy to install and inexpensive to run. The THP units feature a titanium heat exchanger for longer life expectancy and faster heat transfer. The unit comes with programmable timer and auto restart for critical applications such as Koi Carp. Because the unit operates at a maximum output of six times initial electrical output (1000 watts electricity produces 6000 watts of heat) they are upto 80% more efficient to run than direct electrical heating. This means the payback time on the unit can be very fast.

Key Product Features:
  • Digital LED Controller
  • Titanium Heat Exchange
  • Auto Restart after power cut
  • Intelligent Defrost
  • Quiet Running
  • Low Running Cost
  • 80% More Efficient than Conventional Electric

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