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Maglev Darrieus Wind Turbine MWT600 600w 12V

Maglev Darrieus Wind Turbine MWT600 600w 12V:

600W Darrieus Vertical Axis Maglev Wind Turbine

The Maglev is a Darrieus type wind turbine design with aluminum alloy blade which gives it the ability to capture the wind from all directions, The Maglev wind chargers rotate very easily at 1 m/s (starting wind speed). Moreover ,its  blades will not come apart centrifugally like cheaper bladed systems. With sensitive two colors on the wind turbine houseing and blades, birds issues have rarely been a concern. The aerodynamic principles of the Darrieus Maglev means it only produces less than 40 dB noise in operation. (HAWT: 100db). Due to the advantage of Darrieus design turbines it doesn't suffer in stronger winds, the cut off speed 65 meters/per second.

ALSO AVAILABLE IN 300W, 400W, 1000W, 2000W see picture above. There is a lead time of approximatly 12 days with this product

Key Product Features:

  • Rated Power:600W   
  • Wind wheel diameter:1.32M/1.32M
  • Weight:40KG
  • Blade Material:Aluminum Alloy
  • The number of blade:3  
  • Minimum wind speed start:1m/s  
  • Minimum power wind speed:2m/s
  • Minimum charge wind speed:2.5m/s
  • Rated wind speed:12m/s                
  • Maximum cut off wind speed:15m/s
  • Resistant to wind speed limit:65 mph
  • The type of Generator: Three-phase AC maglev wind turbine                      
  • Controllor outputvoltage:12V
  • Controllor brake system: Over speed automatic three-phase short-circuit braking
  • Normal operating temperature:-30~50 °C
  • Designed by Maglev Wind Turbines

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    Samsung EHS Economical Heating System Air Source Heat Pump 9kW 31000Btu

    Samsung EHS Economical Heating System Air Source Heat Pump 9kW 31000Btu:

    Samsung EHS (Economical Heating System) Air Source Heat Pump 9kW / 31000Btu

    This is a complete system with outdoor unit, 200 liter tank and controllers. The system will only require piping between indoor and outdoor units. Fully dressed tank means less time on assembly and installation. This would suit a 3 bed house DWH and Heating.

    Samsung introduce the mono-block version of their air to water heat pump systems which offers high build quality and unbelievable efficiency even in cold conditions. Samsung EHS is more reliable in cold climate countries compared with other manufactures and provides its best heating performance at very low ambient temperatures. It offers heating capacity of approximately 90% at -10°C which is unprecedented. Furthermore, if the ambient temperature drops lower than this, it will trigger a automatic defrost operation to prevent the unit from freezing up.

    Samsung EHS saves you in terms of the low initial purchase cost and installation fee as well as the space needed for an extra outdoor unit. The installation is easy because the system is a mono-block and will not require refrigeration pipes or services keeping costs down. If the tank is close the the outdoor unit it couldn't be simpler. Samsung Cylinder Unit enables quick and easy installation since most components are assembled in the factory. The Pre-plumbed Cylinder Unit provides a flexible, quick and easy solution.

    Easy To Use Controller With Monitoring System

    The Samsung EHS system is equipped with a simple but complete remote control, with many functions and quick access to statistics, energy consumption and the overall monitoring system so you can keep track on your energy usage. 

    Kit Includes:

    1 x RC090MHXEA EHS MONOBLOC 9kW / 31000 Btu Inverter Heat Pump Outdoor unit
    1 x NH200CHXEA EHS DHW TANK 200LTR Fully Dressed

    Technical Data:

    View at:

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    Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited CFC and Alliander plan broad deployment of BlueGEN

    RNS Number : 8774Z
    Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited
    13 March 2013
    Ceramic Fuel Cells and Alliander plan broad deployment of BlueGEN systems
    600 BlueGEN systems to be installed across Alliander's German grids by 2015
    Heinsberg, 13 March 2013. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited ("CFCL") (AIM / ASX: CFU), a leading developer of generators which use fuel cell technology to convert natural gas into electricity and heat for homes and other buildings, today signed a letter of intent for a strategic partnership with Alliander AG, a distribution grid operator. As a first step, up to 600 BlueGEN systems are to be installed across Alliander's regional grids in Germany by 2015. Alliander will make an important contribution to advancing decentralised energy provision and to introducing this innovative fuel cell technology to the German market.
    Alliander was an early adopter of the BlueGEN product and will initially focus on the Heinsberg region (in North-Rhine Westphalia) before moving to the national level in a second phase of deployment. To achieve this objective, Alliander plans to top up national and regional subsidy schemes to make the installation of BlueGEN systems financially more attractive to clients connected to Alliander's grids. This novel, value-added offering creates a link between clients and their grid operator.
    "We were impressed with BlueGEN's almost 100 per cent operational availability", says Ton Doesburg, CEO of Alliander AG. "After three years of positive experience, we will now move to the next level and actively support the deployment of this innovative and environmentally friendly technology across our grids."
    "The planned cooperation with Alliander opens additional important distribution opportunities for our BlueGEN systems," says Bob Kennett, CEO of Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited. "We are proud that our product has worked so well for Alliander's grid experts. Their feedback again testifies to the marketability of BlueGEN."
    Alliander views decentralised electricity production as an important challenge and opportunity for the "energy transition" towards a greater share of renewables in the energy mix. In that, the BlueGEN technology can play a major role: Contrary to solar, wind and hydro-electric power, BlueGENs are consistently available, independent of weather conditions and can balance electricity grid volatility. As a result, their deployment improves the stability of decentralised grids. Central control of the individual units allows an optimal use of the energy generated, as well as its integration in regional structures.
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    Monday, 11 March 2013

    Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited BlueGen receives substantial state subsidy in NRW

    RNS Number : 6652Z
    11 March 2013
    BlueGEN technology receives substantial state subsidy
    North Rhine-Westphalia pays 45% - 65% of fundable purchase price
    Heinsberg, 11 March 2013. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited ("CFCL") (AIM / ASX: CFU), a leading developer of generators which use fuel cell technology to convert natural gas into electricity and heat for homes and other buildings, has been informed that the state of North Rhine-Westfalia (NRW) has started to implement its recently announced mCHP subsidy policy. Government authorities in Arnsberg/NRW have last week approved the first application for financial assistance. Depending on the size of the business applicant, the regional government of Germany's most populous state is set to promote the BlueGEN technology by subsidising each generator with between 45% and 65% of its fundable purchase price. The applicant, a local bakery, was granted an amount of 13,000 Euros for the purchase of one BlueGEN unit, which equals 65% of the fundable investment costs.
    Bob Kennett, CEO of Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited, says: "The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has long been a strong supporter of our technology. We are delighted that this support has now been converted into a clear and substantial financial subsidy. The approved funding level is extremely important in supporting the ongoing marketing and distribution of BlueGEN; we expect this programme to drive a significant increase in demand for our product over the coming months and years. And lastly but most importantly, our first subsidised customer in NRW, will be able to halve his running electricity costs."
    Following this first approval, BlueGEN generators are now officially part of the 250 million Euro CHP incentive programme '', which is designed to accelerate the market breakthrough of highly efficient CHP systems. The CHP act aims to increase the proportion of electricity generated by CHP plants to 25 percent of the state's total production by 2020. A study mandated by the NRW Ministry for Climate Protection and carried out by three renowned German research institutes, the Bremen Energy Institute, the ISI and the IREES, calculated a total CHP potential in NRW of 75 terawatt hours per year. By 2020, NRW's government wantssmall and medium-sized enterprises to contribute a large part of the CHP potential.
    CFCL's fuel cell technology perfectly meets the objectives of the state's government, as BlueGEN units are specifically designed for decentralized, on-site use in small and medium-sized enterprises. Providing up to 13,000 kWh a year, BlueGEN can cut running electricity costs by up to 50%. Due to high and rising electricity prices in Germany, one in four companies is considering generating electricity themselves, the latest survey of the German Chamber of Commerce says. With this new subsidy, BlueGEN units have become an attractive investment proposition for more than 600,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in NRW.
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    Tuesday, 5 March 2013

    Ceramic Fuel Cells temporarily suspends its distribution agreement with Sanevo

    RNS Number : 2078Z
    Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited
    05 March 2013
    Tuesday 5 March 2013
    Ceramic Fuel Cells temporarily suspends its distribution agreement with Sanevo
    Talks on continuation with a potential legal successor company are pending.
    Build-out of European sales channels continues.
    Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (AIM / ASX: CFU), a leading developer of generators which use fuel cell technology to convert natural gas into electricity and heat for homes and other buildings, was informed that the Offenbach District Court has placed Sanevo, one of the company's German distribution partners, in insolvency administration as of 1 March 2013. CFCL has already fully provided for any expected losses that may arise from this action in its interim financial statements released on 27 February 2013.
    Sanevo's insolvency will have no impact on CFCL's strategy or operations. The company remains focused on expanding its sales network in Europe. Over the last few weeks, it appointed as new distributors iPower in the United Kingdom and Solar Spirit in Belgium. In addition to a growing number of distribution partners in Germany and across Europe, CFCL is also accelerating the build-up of a direct sales force in North Rhine Westphalia in Germany to meet the growing demand for its BlueGEN technology. Demand is expected to be further increased by the announced capital subsidy scheme in North Rhine Westphalia.
    Thanks to the increasing number of distribution partners in Europe, and to recent efforts to establish its own sales force, the company remains confident of its ability to deliver on its ambitious sales and growth targets.