Friday, 18 February 2011

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited ADVFN comments and news.

Hectorp - 18 Feb'11 - 09:22 - 1954 of 1956

The drop in treasury due to currency movement was 'only' $83,000, ( or pounds) but not highly significant.

I now expect that in 18 months they could have orders for up to 0.5 million Bluegens from 2-3-4 partners. But they will trickle in. Notice that in UK, CFU are instrumental in setting up the feedback tariff arrangements for this very kind of appliance! so we should get a 'pass' from the Government and that will get E-on moving. This is crucial to the UK side. I expect we will not make huge rewards for another 1-2 years and we will have to be patient all of 2011 and my personal target is only 12p for this year ( = +40 or 50%).
Overall there was much ground for hope and expectation while still not quite realised ! - we can certainly see where massive interest and possible large orders will come from, bluegen has attracted lots of interest and I sense that area is where large domestic markets can be addressed by multiple partners in several countries. AS yet, there is NO straightforward competitor device set up for sales like CFU's.
(an aside: We HAVE cornered a market, if the particular home and office generation market can only realise its own value to the Politicians and power companies. It is not always in their interests to progress this kind of home generation-some nations are deeply centrist in principle - The present UK Government is not and that will help us- even though they say so to the public.)
I am biased in that I desperately want to acquire a bluegen asap and it won't be for maybe 2 years yet. However that doesn't blind me to the fact that this is proving difficult to get geared to the upside - but the share price reflects the current position .

simon102 - 18 Feb'11 - 13:03 - 1958 of 1959

scrumpy - The large furnaces are still not operational - They have shipped some smaller ones in from AUS.

scrumpy71 - 18 Feb'11 - 13:17 - 1959 of 1959

Apologies simon for the incorrect info, i meant as per the manufacturing info from the report below.

The Company has built a plant in Heinsberg, Germany for the volume assembly of its fuel cell stacks. All the assembly processes at the plant are fully commissioned and operating, including the ink mixing equipment and the robotic seal dispensing and assembly machines.
The Company is currently making fuel cell stacks in Heinsberg, and in Melbourne, in sufficient quantities to meet current and forecast demand. In order to increase production the Company has shipped three additional furnaces from Melbourne to Heinsberg.
These additional furnaces were commissioned in February 2011 and are now fully operational.
To further increase the volume of stacks the Company intends to use larger furnaces already installed at the Heinsberg plant. The Company is continuing to work with the supplier of the large volume furnaces to identify changes needed to ensure the furnaces will produce fuel cell stacks in larger volumes at acceptable quality standards

Philbey - 20 Feb'11 - 18:27 - 1960 of 1962

Has any one else seen The Sunday Times?

Energetix a British company are producing a micro-chp boiler, natural gas fueled, generating electric power with feed in tarrif.No information about the technology. Purchase costs approx £3300.
They have initial orders from Eon UK and Germany to conduct the same trials underway for Bluegen.
Any one know any more about this company - synergistic or competitive rival?§ionId=2&p=sto&bl=on&pf=all

jab118 - 20 Feb'11 - 18:57 - 1961 of 1962

It's old news Phil

Don't panic there is only one major leader in this field..;-)

tonsil - 20 Feb'11 - 23:14 - 1962 of 1962

can someone please explain how this compares with CFU technology?

Hectorp- 23 Feb'11 - 07:56 - 1980 of 1991

CFU to exhibit with E-On at the huge Ecobuild Exhibition in Londin, in March.

Ecobuild, which is to be held at the ExCeL exhibition and conference centre in the London's Docklands from 1 March to 3 March 2011, is the world's biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment and the UK's largest construction event of any kind.

fludde - 23 Feb'11 - 08:18 - 1981 of 1991

Interesting. Good news is always worth a tick down!

Ball Deap - 23 Feb'11 - 08:29 - 1982 of 1991 edit

jab118 - 23 Feb'11 - 11:26 - 1983 of 1991


Your last post was a sign of a true believer of a true investors future insight and couldn't agree more. The one reason why we bought into this company in the first place was of the true potential future of a World wide "BlUEGEM" boom, the sights and the barrels are still pointing at the correct target IMO.

Boom Boom ! ;-)

jab118 - 23 Feb'11 - 11:52 - 1984 of 1991


I just bought a few to try and keep you Stop loss intact, or have you been hit out today ?

Dabeesg - 23 Feb'11 - 11:53 - 1985 of 1991

The problems in the Middle East and the surge in the oil price should be a bonus for alternative energy such as Bluegens. Hope so anyway....


jab118 - 23 Feb'11 - 12:12 - 1986 of 1991

You can buy just under mid price 7.8p so I'd say most deals today are buy trades, it could be a sign the tide is turning...;-)

KinkyKim - 23 Feb'11 - 12:34 - 1987 of 1991

I'm new to this investment game, I notice that I can add these to my ISA, is there any reason why the price is DROPPING?????

peter pan1 - 23 Feb'11 - 12:38 - 1988 of 1991

ello KinkyKim

because investors are selling out of this dog hope that helps

KinkyKim - 23 Feb'11 - 12:42 - 1989 of 1991

Why is it classed as a dog?

cool_hand - 23 Feb'11 - 13:04 - 1990 of 1991

Kinky: only 2 reasons I can think of, many PI's in Australia may of needed funds due the problems they've had over there, although I doubt that would push it down as far as this.

There's deafening sound of "no orders".

I expect there's some shorting, in hindsight it looked a good short, whether that's true now couldn't tell you. As a LTH I am pissed off with management here, the recent cash call is now looking to be folly.

KinkyKim - 23 Feb'11 - 13:09 - 1991 of 1991

What do you mean shorting?

Maybe the peak oil issue will push us back to a sensible level. It is going to be a massive issue soon.

Hectorp - 25 Feb'11 - 08:02 - 2012 of 2013

cool hand we noticed it on the GKP thread yesterday.

Thanks Ball

- I see non-exec added 100 K today too.. useful, as its only £8000 but its his own money.

ProperCharlie - 25 Feb'11 - 08:49 - 2013 of 2013

I wrote to CFU asking about Energetics and their relative market / product position. I thought you might be interested in this response I received,

"....Thank you for your note and your support for CFU.

A few points about Energetix and other mCHP products:

- Energetix and all other mCHP products are heaters that produce a small amount of power as a byproduct. BlueGen is the opposite - a mini power station with a small amount of heat. We think power is more valuable than heat, so maximise electrical efficiency. That's also the way to maximise carbon savings and energy bill savings.
- The key measure is electrical efficiency- other mCHP products are often less than 10% - BlueGen is >50%, peak of 60%- so they are very different offerings.
- There is plenty of room for a range of CHP technologies and products. They have different features/benefits and suit different types of buildings. It is not a binary choice - there will be fuel cells and other CHP products (not or). (Although of course we think we've got a compelling advantage through highest electrical efficiency....if you want a heater, buy a condensing boiler...)
- We think it's a good thing that EON and other large utilities are investing in a range of CHP products. It makes it more likely that they will actually deploy products in volume. It's a sensible approach to have a portfolio of products and customer offerings. Again, it's not a binary choice.
- The market is vast and we are in early sales. A range of low emissions technologies will be needed to quickly make large carbon cuts. Perhaps in a few years we will be competing for market share - but for now all mCHP products need to create the market, before we start dividing it!

PS if you need a 3rd party source for relative electrical efficiencies etc, UK Carbon Trust did a good report in late 2007 - summary attached, and also see It's a bit dated now but will give you the key points.

Once again thanks for your support.


Andrew Neilson
Group General Manager - Commercial...."

Ball Deap - 6 Mar'11 - 17:14 - 2069 of 2091 edit

Simon I wouldn't like to say but their catching up. :-)

jab118 - 7 Mar'11 - 15:28 - 2070 of 2091

Balls really needs to be pulled off up from here, where is that Kinky Kim when you need her? ;-)

Dabeesg - 7 Mar'11 - 17:06 - 2071 of 2091

Something is brewing. Some meaty trades at the end of the day.


zeppo - 7 Mar'11 - 17:17 - 2072 of 2091


Hope you're right.

I am also into CWR.

Are they direct competitors or are the products different?

Any opinions?


Hectorp - 7 Mar'11 - 18:39 - 2073 of 2091

My regards to Zeppo and his famous brothers.
- meanwhile,
Jab ( above) what is today's volume all about very interesting.
Higher vol is always a pointer to something.

Hectorp - 7 Mar'11 - 18:45 - 2074 of 2091

Ball, many thanks for your helful writeup! all the best.

Realism - 8 Mar'11 - 09:21 - 2075 of 2091

2 delayed trades of 540k of yesterday are showing this morning. some big buyer is around.

jab118 - 8 Mar'11 - 09:49 - 2076 of 2091

Heptorc, me old mucker

I'm getting a feeling (gut feeling) we could be close to some share surging news, here and a very high volume day, to kick this share orbit, and at least see the price back up to 10p.

Balls, very good blog and interesting reading...;-)

Hectorp - 8 Mar'11 - 13:32 - 2077 of 2091

Following this is like a wall of worry, but we will come good, even if it is some months yet. Most holders like us are believers and fans of the technology.

Dabeesg - 8 Mar'11 - 15:09 - 2078 of 2091

My main core holdings are PIC and this one.

So, not having a good day today.


Ball Deap - 8 Mar'11 - 16:31 - 2079 of 2091

H, jab, thanks it was with help from you guys with the questions supplied. When we have made our fortunes we will have to bang a glass of a vintage Bolonger on H's ocean cruiser. :-) time for a share price surge.

barney28 - 8 Mar'11 - 17:35 - 2080 of 2091

some strange trades today

brunodog2 - 8 Mar'11 - 22:10 - 2081 of 2091

Back to the end of day sell off. Might wanna keep the cristale on ice.

simon102 - 9 Mar'11 - 08:32 - 2082 of 2091

Taken from CFU website for March 2011

Only 10000 but better than selling!! just!!

broshm - 9 Mar'11 - 09:33 - 2083 of 2091

Dr binks 10,000 well what a big deal !
wonder if any Dirs see any of ADVFN of any companies ?

barney28 - 9 Mar'11 - 09:48 - 2084 of 2091


Ball Deap - 10 Mar'11 - 17:59 - 2085 of 2091

Anyone else feeling the pain??? :-) Brandon Dow might have to start looking for a new job soon...

parkyboy - 11 Mar'11 - 07:18 - 2086 of 2091

Eon appear to continue to be laying the foundations for low co tech roll-out, I share all holders frustration at what appears to be painfully slow progress, but if that gets us to where we feel we should be in the end then so be it, have and will continue to hold, guess it was never going to be a quick-buck stock, GL links below parkyboy

fludde - 11 Mar'11 - 08:29 - 2087 of 2091

Back to break even from having been my best performing share. Still at least I didn't get suckered into the last placing. Feel sorry for those that did, but it just means waiting longer for the return I guess.

Ball Deap - 11 Mar'11 - 09:09 - 2088 of 2091

Sorry guys I am no longer a share holder. This dog hit my stop loss so had to be sold. Brandon Dow made a bad choice doing a placing at 10.75 and ripping off the share holders. Time to sack him....

broshm - 11 Mar'11 - 11:17 - 2089 of 2091

why does transaction of 357,340 shares at 7.125 go on the list as unknown buy or sell ? can you buy them at this ?

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