Friday, 19 December 2014

ITM Power PLC Second Contract with AMEC and National Grid

RNS Number : 1101A
18 December 2014
18 December 2014
ITM Power plc
("ITM Power" or "the Company")
Gas Network Optimisation Contract with AMEC and National Grid
ITM Power (AIM: ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to announce that it has secured a second commercial contract from AMEC Foster Wheeler plc ("AMEC") and National Grid plc ("National Grid") to create the business case for widespread deployment of Power-to-Gas energy storage technology to reduce the energy losses in the gas network.
This second follow-on project will build on the Phase 1 Technical Feasibility and identify specific sites on the gas network where Power-to-Gas can be most advantageously deployed. This will reduce energy losses and increase system efficiency for the UK gas network. AMEC, a tier 1 supplier to National Grid will lead the project and continue to provide a third party assessment of the benefits.
Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power commented: "ITM Power is delighted to be working with National Grid and AMEC on the next phase of this implementation. We are all very encouraged by the project findings so far and the objective now is to identify the sites best suited to installing Power-to-Gas equipment. We are solving a problem common with all gas networks and there is very significant market potential in the UK and worldwide."

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited Issue of Shares and Options to Staff

RNS Number : 9813Z
Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited
17 December 2014
Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (AIM / ASX: CFU) announces that as part of its remuneration review it has issued equity to staff under the CFCL Directors and Employee Benefits Plan ("Equity Plan").
Under the Equity Plan, approved by shareholders in October 2012, the Board offers equity to staff as an important component of remuneration. Based on the Board's assessment of the Company's performance against agreed milestones through to 30 June 2014, the Board has issued 49,420,875 ordinary shares (the "New Shares") and 77,743,557 unlisted options to certain employees. The New Shares represent approximately 1.8 percent of the Company's existing issued capital.
Approximately one third of the shares issued to staff are subject to an escrow agreement for two years meaning that, if the staff member leaves the Company within that time, they forfeit their remaining unvested shares (subject to Board discretion).
One third of the share options issued to staff have a two year waiting period before they vest. All of the options have a 10 year life and an exercise price of 1.85 Australian cents (A$0.0185).
Details of the New Shares and options issued are also set out in the Appendix 3B filed with the ASX as at the date of this announcement, and also available on the Company's website.
The Company has made application for the admission of the New Shares to trading on AIM. It is expected that admission to AIM will commence at 8:00 a.m. on 22 December 2014.
The New Shares will rank pari passu in all respects with the other ordinary shares currently in issue.
Following admission of the New Shares, the number of ordinary shares with voting rights in the Company is now 2,849,844,711. This figure may be used by shareholders as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest, their shareholding in the Company.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Toyota Launches the Mirai Fuel-Cell Electric Car in Japan on 15 December, 2014, and in the US and Europe in mid-2015.

("ITM Power" or "the Company") Toyota Launches the Mirai Fuel-Cell Electric Car

ITM Power (AIM: ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to note that the world's largest carmaker, Toyota, announced that it will begin selling fuel-cell electric cars in Japan on 15 December, 2014, and in the US and Europe in mid-2015.
The Toyota Mirai, which means Future in Japanese, is a ground breaking vehicle which has the cruising range of a conventional saloon, can be refuelled in less than five minutes and emits only water vapour. Hydrogen can be produced from a wide variety of primary energy sources including solar and wind power; it is easy to store; and when compressed it has a higher energy density than batteries.
Mirai uses the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS), which brings together fuel cell and hybrid technologies. It includes Toyota's new proprietary fuel cell stack, which has a maximum power output of 153bhp (114kW), and high-pressure hydrogen tanks. The TFCS is more energy efficient than internal combustion engines and emits no CO(2) or pollutants when the vehicle is driven.
The biggest hurdle for fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) is a lack of hydrogen refuelling stations. To support Mirai's introduction to the US in 2016, Toyota is to supply 12 state-of-the-art hydrogen stations in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The UK Government also announced last month that it is preparing the UK for the roll-out of hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles with up to GBP11m of funding to establish an initial network of up to 15 hydrogen refuelling stations by the end of 2015 and 65 refuelling stations soon after.
Toyota are also part of the HyFive project which sees ITM Power building three refuelling stations in London ready for refuelling in Q2 2015. The aim of the HyFive (Hydrogen for Innovative Vehicles) project is to speed up the introduction hydrogen-powered cars in Europe. The group is a partnership of 15 vehicle manufacturing and energy providing businesses who are joining forces to help ensure a co-ordinated deployment of fuel cell vehicles, in conjunction with establishment of the refuelling and fuel supply infrastructure they will require. Toyota, BMW, Daimler, Honda and Hyundai will be responsible for delivering a fleet of 110 vehicles to six European cities: Bolzano, Copenhagen, Innsbruck, London, Munich and Stuttgart.
Fuel-cell electric vehicles are an important contribution to the diversification of vehicle fuels. They emit no carbon dioxide or substances harmful to the environment when driven, but still offer the convenience associated with petrol-powered vehicles. Toyota believes this technology has great potential in the development of vehicles that are kinder to the environment and ideal for helping to deliver sustainable mobility.
A video of the launch is available at In the video, Mitsuhisa Kato, Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Cooperation makes the following points:
-- "Toyota does not intend to enter directly into hydrogen station on its own, but if there are any areas in which to cooperate in terms of operating such infrastructure we are willing to extend any cooperation we can."
-- "We would welcome good public discussion as to the best way of manufacturing hydrogen. We would welcome that very much given the depreciation of the Japanese Yen, it has caused oil to become very expensive."
-- "Energy policy is forcing us to look at alternative primary energy sources to produce hydrogen. So to trigger that discussion to take place more broadly we are making our own proposal, by introducing fuel cell vehicles to the market."
-- "We have to spend money outside Japan to buy in oil and energy which means we need to use it as efficiently as possible. We need to consider other fuels for automotive use. When we look at producing hydrogen from various primary energy sources we must be ready to embrace fuel cell vehicles."
Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power PLC, commented: "We are delighted see the world's largest car manufacturer committing to a clean energy future. Toyota also understands the importance of supporting the development of a new hydrogen infrastructure globally alongside the roll-out of their groundbreaking new vehicle. I believe that the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are now one step closer to becoming the mainstream."
Takeshi Uchiyamada, Chairman of Toyota, commented: "We are so focused on hydrogen because at its most simplistic oxygen and hydrogen makes water and power. The fuel cell vehicle is a social and economic gamechanger. Gasoline (petrol) has been the primary fuel of the first hundred years. Hydrogen will be the primary fuel game of the next hundred years. Our primary task is to provide our customers with fuel-cell cars at an affordable price."
Akio Toyoda's, CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, said earlier: "Today we are at a turning point in automotive history. A turning point where people will embrace a new, environmentally-friendly car that is a pleasure to drive. A turning point where a four-door sedan can travel 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen, can be refueled in under five minutes and emit only water vapour. We believe that behind the wheel of the Mirai, we can go places we have never been, to a world that is better, in a car that is better. For us, this isn't just another car. This is an opportunity - an opportunity to really make a difference. And making a difference is what Toyota is all about."
For further information please visit or contact:

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited Results of Pro Rata Renounceable Rights Issue 24 November 2014

RNS Number : 7746X
Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited
24 November 2014
Monday, 24 November 2014
Results of Pro Rata Renounceable Rights Issue
Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (ASX: CFU) ("Company") announces the total amount raised in its renounceable pro-rata entitlement offer announced on 29 September 2014 ("Rights Issue") is AUD 1,770,052.75 million (before expenses). Together with existing cash reserves this will give the Company cash of approximately AUD 5 million.
196,672,080 fully paid ordinary shares ("New Shares") were subscribed for by investors on a 3 for 5 basis at the issue price of 0.90 cents per New Share. This represents approximately 13 percent take up of the Rights Issue.
In accordance with the terms of the prospectus dated 29 September 2014 ("Prospectus"), the Company will grant participating investors one option to subscribe for a new fully paid ordinary share in the Company for every two New Shares issued, which options shall be exercisable on or before 30 October 2015 at an exercise price of 1.1 cents each ("Options"). The Company will grant 98,336,040 Options in connection with the Rights Issue. If all of the Options are exercised by the exercise date, the Company will raise a further $1,081,696.
As outlined in the Prospectus, the Company appointed Patersons Securities Limited as nominee to sell the entitlements of ineligible shareholders. There were no net proceeds from the sale of such entitlements and hence there will be no distribution to ineligible shareholders.
Applications have been made for the New Shares and Options to be quoted on ASX and it is expected that dealings in the New Shares and Options on ASX will commence on 27 November 2014.
Yours sincerely
Mr Alasdair Locke
Chairman, Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited

Friday, 21 November 2014

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited Admission of Shares 21 November 2014

21 November 2014
Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited
("CFCL" or the "Company")

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (AIM / ASX: CFU), a leading developer of generators that use fuel-cell technology to convert natural gas into electricity and heat for homes and other buildings, announces that application has been made for the admission of 21,442,500 ordinary shares of no par value in the Company ("Ordinary Shares") to trading on AIM ("Admission") as agreed under the terms of the Share Purchase and ConvertibleSecurity Agreement with Bergen Global Opportunity Fund, LP (the "Investor"), the full details of which can be found in the announcement released on 24 March 2014.
It is expected that Admission will become effective and trading in the new Ordinary Shares will commence on AIM at 8.00 a.m. on 26 November 2014.
The new Ordinary Shares rank pari passu in all respects with the other Ordinary Shares currently in issue.
The number of Ordinary Shares with voting rights in the Company is now 2,603,682,789. This figure may be used by shareholders as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest in, their shareholding in the Company.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

First fully funded BlueGEN programme in conjunction with iPower Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited

RNS Number : 1456X
Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited
17 November 2014
                        17 November 2014 
       First fully funded BlueGEN programme in conjunction 
                           with iPower 
          Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (ASX/AIM: CFU) is 
           pleased to announce the commencement of the 
           first fully funded BlueGEN programme, where 
           the BlueGEN is installed at no cost to the 
           end user. The programme, comprising a 100kW 
          fleet of BlueGENs (a minimum of 65 units) is 
        targeted primarily at public sector organisations 
           that can take advantage of the significant 
         carbon and energy savings BlueGEN has to offer. 
        The innovative funding structure allows BlueGENs 
           to be installed in end user premises at no 
          upfront cost. End users pay for the costs of 
           gas and BlueGEN maintenance and receive the 
          benefits of the electricity generated and the 
                  heat recovered for hot water. 
           This programme has been developed and will 
         be run by one of CFCL's UK distributors, iPower 
                    Energy Limited (iPower). 
      iPower has also confirmed its interest in developing 
           a second, larger programme with CFCL in the 
      second half of calendar year 2015. These discussions 
       will include various new appraisals and opportunity 
           pipeline assessments which are expected to 
           take place in parallel with the delivery of 
                      this first programme. 
          The terms of the agreement signed with iPower 
           are conditional on drawdown from a facility 
          provided by a 3(rd) party funder. iPower will 
         make a deposit of GBP350,000 (A$636,000) which 
           is expected to be received by CFCL early in 
         December. In order to meet the criteria imposed 
           by the 3(rd) party funding provider, iPower 
          has secured formal confirmations of interest 
           from participating end users for a majority 
                      of the installations. 
          Bob Kennett, CEO of CFCL, commented, "Earlier 
         this year we announced our intention to revise 
         our sales strategy in order to focus primarily 
          on larger scale projects. We are very pleased 
           to see the first of a number of projects of 
       this type come to fruition. It clearly demonstrates 
          the commercial viability of this contractual 
          structure whereby 3(rd) party funding is used 
          to support the project and provide end users 
                   with attractive benefits." 
           Jon Cape, MD of iPower, commented, "iPower 
          is delighted to be working with CFCL on this 
          ground-breaking initiative. The programme is 
           able to provide customers with net savings 
          of 20-40% on the cost of energy displaced by 
           the BlueGEN with no upfront cost and we see 
         strong potential to progress to a substantially 
        larger Stage 2 Programme for which we are already 
         in dialogue with prospective funding partners." 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Leading Edge Wind Turbine LE-450 Compact 450W 12V / 24V / 48V

Leading Edge Wind Turbine LE-450 Compact 450W 12V / 24V / 48V

De Leading Edge Wind Turbine LE-450 is de meest krachtige compacte windturbine met een 1m rotordiameter en ontworpen om zinvolle vermogensniveaus leveren tegen alledaagse windsnelheden van 5-8m / s (11-18mph) terwijl stoer en robuust genoeg om storm te weerstaan winden. De Leading Edge LE-450 windturbine is een rustige, krachtige en lichtgewicht 450W windturbine voor opladen van de batterij en het net gekoppelde applicaties. Volledig geoptimaliseerd voor mariene omstandigheden, de LE-450 is ideaal voor het aanvullen van de voeding aan boord van een zeilboot of een jacht en leveren energie als zonne-PV-panelen zijn niet in staat om effectief te opereren, zoals tijdens de winter of 's nachts.  Vervaardigd in het Groot-Brittannië tot een hoge standaard, de LE-450 windturbine is zeer eenvoudig te integreren met zonnepanelen op kleine schaal maken off-grid systemen voor hernieuwbare energie voor het aandrijven van beveiliging, telecommunicatie, verlichting, bewegwijzering, telemetrie en off-shore toepassingen. Verkrijgbaar in 12V, 24V en 48V voor het opladen van de batterij toepassingen de LE-450 windturbine kan ook het net worden aangesloten.

Krachtig in iedere dag wind
De LE-450 genereert hetzelfde vermogen als andere kleine windturbines met bladen tot 1,2 m lang en is daarmee de krachtigste windturbine voor zijn grootte. De turbine is ontworpen rond een uniek lage inertie axiale flux generator die Neodymium zeldzame aarde magnetische materialen gebruikt.Deze dynamo heeft nul 'cogging' waardoor de turbine te draaien in de lichtste van de wind en snel te reageren op windvlagen.
De uitstekende productie van elektriciteit komt voort uit een uitzonderlijk lage opstart windsnelheid en superieure overdracht van de macht van de wind in het dagelijks winden van 5-8m / s (11-18mph). Dit wordt bereikt met 5 bladen en door fijnafstelling de dynamo naar de juiste hoeveelheid koppel extraheren rechts RPM.
Klein en lichtgewicht
De LE-450 windturbine heeft een uniek ontworpen aluminium chassis dat niet alleen leidt tot een totale turbine gewicht van slechts 8 kg, maar garandeert responsieve reactie op windvlagen. Kleine werkbereikindicatielampjes de turbine's bij enkel 1043mm kan de turbine te worden geïnstalleerd op plaatsen waar de ruimte schaars is - op jachten, telecom torens en CCTV-stations. De wind generator is voorzien van geïntegreerde yaw sleepringen waarmee het 360 graden draaien om de veranderende richting van de wind te volgen.
Robuust en betrouwbaar
De LE-450 windturbine is ontworpen en geproduceerd om te worden net zo robuust mogelijk te geven van een voorspelde levensduur van 20 jaar - met weinig onderhoud nodig in die periode! De LE-450 overleeft destructieve harde wind door middel van een eenvoudige passieve aerodynamisch ontwerp dat turbine toerental en vermogen beperkt bij een windsnelheid van 20 m / s (45 mph).
De LE-450 windturbine is vervaardigd uit hoogwaardig aluminium legeringen en roestvrij staal dat met een laser bewerkt is geweest, CNC gefreesd, hard geanodiseerd en gepoedercoat om ervoor te zorgen dat de turbine is bestand tegen de harde gevolgen van de mariene milieus. De bevestigingen zijn vervaardigd uit roestvast staal A4, dat de zwaarste omstandigheden kunnen overleven. De Timkin lagers bevatten lage temperatuur vet voor een optimale prestatie neer te -40degC.
Belangrijkste functies van het product:
  • Uitstekende prijs-kwaliteit wind lader   - Levert het hoogste rendement voor de laagste kosten
  • Krachtig  - De LE-450 windturbine kan uitgangen van 450W leveren
  • Lichtgewicht turbine head  - Het verminderen van de belasting van de draagconstructie en het makkelijker maken om te installeren op hoge masten in moeilijke locaties
  • Whispower bladen  - Lage akoestische emissies van de geavanceerde aërodynamisch blade design
  • Volledig marine geoptimaliseerd  - Aluminium legering en roestvrij stalen onderdelen zijn beschermd tegen de elementen met luchtvaartlegeringen coatings en ​​anodiseren
  • Eenvoudige installatie  - alles wordt uitgelegd in de uitstekende handleiding met gedetailleerde schriftelijke uitleg en diagrammen
  • Duurzaam en betrouwbaar  - De LE-450 bouwt voort op het erfgoed van het ontwerpen van robuuste en betrouwbare windturbines van het bedrijf
  • 2 jaar garantie  - Ondersteund door een uitstekende klantenservice van Leading Edge Turbines in het Verenigd Koninkrijk of een plaatselijke dealer

LE-450 Technische specificaties:

Rotor Diameter : 1 meter
Rotor Type : 5-Blade upwind
Blade Materiaal : Glass Reinforced, UV bestendig Nylon
Nominaal vermogen : 105 watt @ 8 m / s (17.8mph / 15,5 knopen)
Peak Output : 450 watt
Cut-in snelheid : 3m / s (6.7mph / 6 knopen)
Knip snelheid:    None
Gewicht : 8kg
Generator Type : Directe aandrijving, axiale flux, 8 polige permanent magneet generator
Ontwerp:    3-fase AC met rectificatie
Output voltage : 12V, 24V, 48V, Grid-tie
Toerental:    0-2000 RPM
Wisvlak:    0.785m²
ypical geluidsniveau:    6 dB (A) boven de achtergrond
Montage:    48.3mm of 50mm buitenste mastdiameter
Materialen:    aluminium legering chassis, aerospace kwaliteit oppervlakteafwerking, geëpoxeerd statorrollen, sealed for life lagers
Controlesysteem:    Stall regulering
Remsysteem:    Elektromagnetische remmen schakelaar
Yaw systeem:    Heavy duty Sleepringsamenstel, 1043mm draaicirkel

Leading Edge Aerogenerador LE-450 compacto 450W 12V / 24V / 48V

Leading Edge Aerogenerador LE-450 compacto 450W 12V / 24V / 48V

El líder de la turbina de viento Edge LE-450 es el más potente turbina de viento compacto con un diámetro de rotor de 1m y diseñado para proporcionar niveles de potencia significativos en las velocidades del viento de todos los días de 5-8m / s (11-18mph) mientras dura y lo suficientemente robusto como para soportar la tormenta Los vientos con fuerza. El borde delantero LE-450 de turbina eólica es una turbina de viento 450W silencioso, potente y ligero para cargar la batería y aplicaciones conectados a la red. Totalmente optimizado para las condiciones marinas, la LE-450 es ideal para complementar la red de a bordo de un velero o un yate y proporcionar energía cuando los paneles solares fotovoltaicos son capaces de funcionar con eficacia como por ejemplo durante el invierno o durante la noche.  Fabricado en el Reino Unido a un alto estándar, la turbina eólica LE-450 es muy fácil de integrar con paneles solares para crear a pequeña escala fuera de la red sistemas de energía renovable para la seguridad de la alimentación, telecomunicaciones, iluminación, señalización, telemetría y aplicaciones off-shore. Disponible en 12V, 24V y 48V para aplicaciones de carga de baterías del aerogenerador LE-450 también puede ser conectado a red.

Potente en cada día vientos
La LE-450 genera la misma potencia que otras turbinas eólicas pequeñas con hojas de hasta 1,2 m de longitud, por lo que es el aerogenerador más potente para su tamaño. La turbina está diseñado en torno a una baja inercia generador de flujo axial única que utiliza materiales magnéticos de tierras raras de neodimio. Este alternador tiene cero "dentado" que permite la turbina para hacer girar en la más ligera de las brisas y de reaccionar rápidamente a ráfagas.
Su excelente producción de energía se debe a una velocidad del viento excepcionalmente bajo de puesta en marcha y la transferencia superiores del poder del viento en cada día vientos de 5-8m / s (11-18mph). Esto se consigue utilizando 5 cuchillas y la sintonización fina del alternador para extraer la cantidad adecuada de par de torsión, en el RPM derecha.
Pequeño y ligero
El aerogenerador LE-450 cuenta con un chasis de aleación de aluminio con un diseño único que no sólo da un peso total de tan sólo 8 kg turbina, pero asegura reacción sensible a los vientos racheados. Pequeño sobre de funcionamiento de la turbina en apenas 1043mm permite a la turbina que se instalará en lugares donde el espacio es una prima - en yates, torres de telecomunicaciones y estaciones de circuito cerrado de televisión. El aerogenerador está equipado con guiñada anillos colectores integrados que permiten además un giro de 360 ​​grados con el fin de seguir el cambio de dirección del viento.
Robusto y fiable
El aerogenerador LE-450 se ha diseñado y fabricado para ser tan resistente como sea posible dar una vida útil prevista de 20 años - con poco mantenimiento requerido durante ese período! La LE-450 sobrevive fuertes vientos destructivos por medio de un diseño aerodinámico pasiva simple que limita RPM de la turbina y la salida de potencia a velocidades de viento de 20 m / s (45 mph).
El aerogenerador LE-450 se fabrica a partir de aleaciones de aluminio de alta calidad y de acero inoxidable que ha sido procesado por láser, mecanizado CNC, anodizado duro y con recubrimiento en polvo para asegurarse de que la turbina soporta los duros efectos de los ambientes marinos. Las fijaciones son de acero inoxidable A4 que pueden sobrevivir los entornos más duros. Los rodamientos son Timkin contener grasa de baja temperatura para un rendimiento óptimo a -40degC.
Principales características del producto:
  • Cargador de viento Excelente relación calidad   - Proporciona la mayor producción al menor costo
  • Potente  - El aerogenerador LE-450 puede ofrecer salidas de 450 W
  • Ligera cabeza de la turbina  - La reducción de la carga sobre la estructura de soporte y lo que es más fácil de instalar en altos mástiles en lugares difíciles
  • Whispower hojas  - las emisiones acústicas de baja desde el diseño avanzado de la hoja de perfil aerodinámico
  • Totalmente optimizado marina  - los componentes de aleación de aluminio y de acero inoxidable están protegidos de los elementos con recubrimientos de grado aeroespacial y anodizado
  • Fácil instalación  - Todo se explica en el manual de usuario excelente, con explicaciones y diagramas detalladas por escrito
  • Duradero y fiable  - El LE-450 se basa en la herencia de diseño de aerogeneradores robustos y fiables de la compañía
  • Garantía de 2 años  - Respaldado con excelente servicio al cliente de las principales turbinas Edge en el Reino Unido o un distribuidor local

LE-450 Especificaciones técnicas:

Diámetro del rotor : 1 metro
Tipo de rotor : 5-Blade contra el viento
Material de la lámina : reforzado con vidrio, nylon resistente a los UV
Salida nominal : 105 vatios @ 8 m / s (17,8 mph / 15,5 nudos)
Salida de pico : 450 vatios
Corte en la velocidad : 3m / s (6,7 mph / 6 nudos)
Recorte velocidad:    Ninguno
Peso : 8Kg
Tipo de generador : Impulsión directa, flujo axial, de 8 polos del generador de imán permanente
Diseño:    3-fase AC con rectificación
Tensión de salida : 12V, 24V, 48V, Grid-Tie
Velocidad de rotación:    0-2000 RPM
Área barrida:    0.785m²
ypical nivel de ruido:    6 dB (A) por encima del fondo
Montaje:    48.3mm o 50mm polo diámetro exterior
Materiales:    chasis de aluminio de aleación, acabado superficial de grado aeroespacial, epoxi recubierto bobinas del estator, cojinetes sellados para la vida
Sistema de control:    regulación Stall
Sistema de frenos:    interruptor de frenado electromagnético
Sistema de orientación:    conjunto de anillo deslizante resistente, 1043mm radio de giro