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Energetics and their relative market product position in comparison to the Ceramic Fuel Cell's Bluegen

Posted by ProperCharlie - 25 Feb'11 - 08:49

I wrote to CFU asking about Energetics and their relative market / product position. I thought you might be interested in this response I received,

"....Thank you for your note and your support for CFU.

A few points about Energetix and other mCHP products:

- Energetix and all other mCHP products are heaters that produce a small amount of power as a byproduct. BlueGen is the opposite - a mini power station with a small amount of heat. We think power is more valuable than heat, so maximise electrical efficiency. That's also the way to maximise carbon savings and energy bill savings.
- The key measure is electrical efficiency- other mCHP products are often less than 10% - BlueGen is >50%, peak of 60%- so they are very different offerings.
- There is plenty of room for a range of CHP technologies and products. They have different features/benefits and suit different types of buildings. It is not a binary choice - there will be fuel cells and other CHP products (not or). (Although of course we think we've got a compelling advantage through highest electrical efficiency....if you want a heater, buy a condensing boiler...)
- We think it's a good thing that EON and other large utilities are investing in a range of CHP products. It makes it more likely that they will actually deploy products in volume. It's a sensible approach to have a portfolio of products and customer offerings. Again, it's not a binary choice.
- The market is vast and we are in early sales. A range of low emissions technologies will be needed to quickly make large carbon cuts. Perhaps in a few years we will be competing for market share - but for now all mCHP products need to create the market, before we start dividing it!

PS if you need a 3rd party source for relative electrical efficiencies etc, UK Carbon Trust did a good report in late 2007 - summary attached, and also see It's a bit dated now but will give you the key points.

Once again thanks for your support.


Andrew Neilson
Group General Manager - Commercial...."

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