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ITM Power plc Five hydrogen refuelling sites approved for planning on the Isle of Wight 07 February 2014

07 February 2014
7(th) Febuary2014
ITM Power plc
("ITM Power", "the Group" or the "Company")
Five hydrogen refuelling sites approved for planning on the Isle of Wight
ITM Power, the energy storage and clean fuel company is pleased to announce achievement of planning permission for five hydrogen refuelling sites on the Isle of Wight.
ITM Power has been granted planning permission for an 80kg/day hydrogen refuelling station at four locations and at one for a 15kg/day marine refuelling station. All planning applications submitted on the Isle of Wight have been successful. ITM has chosen two of these sites to take forward for installation of hydrogen refuellers ready for operation in November 2014, as part of the EcoIsland Hydrogen Vehicle Refueller project on the Isle of Wight, supported by funding from the UK's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board.
The approvals process involved several stages including the identification of candidate sites prior to conducting a detailed survey, preparation of plans together with a Design and Access Planning Statement and liaison with stakeholders including the Isle of Wight Council and the Environment Agency.
The sites surveyed included two owned by Vestas; one being their R&D centre at Stag Lane and the other Monks Brook, one operated by Scotia Gas Networks in East Cowes, and one at the St Cross Business Park, Newport. The marine refueller is to be sited on the dock-side at Cheetah Marine in Ventnor. ITM Power has decided to proceed with the site owned by Scotia Gas Networks, providing an opportunity to further develop commercial links with SGN.
ITM Power sits on three Working Groups of the ISO Technical Committee 197, which has as its stated scope the standardization in the field of systems and devices for the production, storage, transport, measurement and use of hydrogen. Furthermore, ITM Power sits on the British Compressed Gas Association Technical Steering Committees with particular emphasis on Code of Practice 41, which addresses "The Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operation of Filling Stations Providing Gaseous Fuels".
Dr Graham Cooley, Chief Executive of ITM Power, said: "The expertise required to achieve planning permission and satisfy compliance bodies is often underestimated. I am delighted that ITM has been successful in gaining approval to commence the build of two hydrogen refuelling stations on the Isle of Wight. Furthermore, the continued support from the Isle of Wight council and their determination to become a prime location for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle deployment provides a fantastic backdrop to this exciting project."

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