Friday, 2 December 2011

Armageddon Wind Turbine Kit for when electricity is required for home creature comforts

Armageddon Wind Turbine Kit - WAS £2,000.00 NOW £1,799.00: "Home Power Generation This wind turbine kit has been designed with giving the user electrcial power when the electricy grid is off. Using all the best quality components available we have put together an ideal wind turbine system. Manufactured to a high specification in the UK the wind turbine automatically steers away from potentially damaging gusts of wind and the charge regulator can handle a solar panel (additional to the kit) and can charge two individual batteries. The kit consists of a AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery and is completely sealed and designed for professional or system critical installations. Higher number of deep cycles are possible and a +5 year expected life. The inverter is a pure sinewave type giving clean power to the user, unlike the modified sinewave inverters this inverter gives out 'true sine-wave' meaning it can power anything providing the power limits are not exceeded. Ideal where electricity is required to power home creature comforts!

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