Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Reduce Electricity Standby Power used in your House

Reduce Electricity Standby Power used in your House: "Reduce The Standby Power Used By your TV, DVD and Computer
Leaving electrical equipment, such as your TV, DVD player or stereo, on standby needlessly increases electricity consumption throughout your home as energy is required to keep these devices in their standby mode.
One easy, cost effective energy saving tip to help save on your electricity bills is to introduce standby saving products to eliminate wasted electricity throughout your household.
Choose from our large range of standby saving products that are specialised to work with different types of appliance. The Power Safer and PSX will eliminate your audiovisual standby power, the Intelliplug and Intellipanel work alongside computers and the Standby Buster can be used on a whole array of different electrical equipment."

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