Tuesday, 11 October 2011

HRSi Charge Regulator - £72.95

HRSi Charge Regulator - £72.95: "HRSi 913 Wind Turbine Regulator
The HRSi charge regulator offers the latest technology for wind/solar hybrid voltage. The regulator brings together a Rutland wind turbine voltage regulator with an input for up to 160Watts of solar panels in an easy to install single device. Appropriate charge levels are delivered by the multi-stage charge control to provide maximum battery power which is retained and remains float charged.
As peak voltages are reached the PWM regulation kicks in and tapers the input charge from the wind turbine using the latest programmable microcontrollers, this protects the battery from overcharging. As the battery discharges the wind turbine responds by increasing speed to deliver more power. LED indicators keep you informed about battery voltage levels and charging status, there is also a manual shutdown option which allows you to stop the wind charger from delivery power to the battery if required."

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