Thursday, 31 March 2011

Triple Blades WT1KW Vertical Axis wind Turbine Complete Kit

Triple Blades WT1KW Complete Kit

A complete innovative design that utilizes less weight and size for superior performance.

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This kit includes:
WT1000 Wind Turbine
Braking Resistance for WT1000
Diversion Load Controller
Passive Breaking Block & Protection
Wind Box 1000

The wind generator has been designed in compliance with IEC 61400-2, class IV.

The values indicated below refer to the following conditions:
Temperature: -20/+50°C
Humidity: <95%
Air density: 1.225 kg/m3
Solar radiation: 1000 W/m2

Data:Darrieus rotor type 3-blades Rotor

Power output at wind speed 10 m/s
Power output at wind speed 14 m/s
Cut-in wind speed
3 m/s
Cut-off wind speed
15 m/s
Diameter x height
1,45 m x 1,45 m
Sweep area
2,10 m2
Rotor weight (alternator included)
65 Kg
Braking system
Max revolution speed
415 rpm
Acoustic pression LpA from 4 mt
52 dB(A)
Acoustic power LWA
72 dB(A)


Type: Permanent magnets
Phase number 3
Poles number 32
Nominal power 1 kW @ 14 m/s
Nominal voltage 240 Vac @ 14 m/s

At high temperatures and/or high-altitude installations, the air density drops and the turbine may generate less than rated power. For high-altitude installation, please estimate approximate 1% loss of power for every 100m above sea level.

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