Thursday, 31 March 2011

Darrieus H-shape type micro wind Turbines are suitable for many applications

Pramac Noiseless Twin blade WT400W Vertical Axis Turbine Darrieus H-shape type

PRAMAC vertical axis Darrieus H-shape micro wind turbines are suitable for many applications from residential houses to tourist resorts, from streetlights to agricultural structures and everywhere they effectively cut down energy costs and reduce impact on the environment, combining efficiency and design. The elegant and noiseless design makes use of permanent magnet design for a great performance. This is a smart way to convert wind in energy into electricity and satisfy everyday energy needs through an extremely efficient and, at the same time, aesthetically appealing and noiseless tool.

key Product Features:

Noiseless (unlike the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines)
Very small in size
The function is independent from wind direction (unlike the HAWT)
This choice gives more freedom to Mr. Starck' design

Design Philippe Starck
Engineering PRAMAC
Pdesign power 80 W with wind speed at 8,4 m/s
Maximum power 400 W with wind speed at 14 m/s
Cut-in speed 3 m/s
Cut-out speed 15 m/s
Maximum rotation speed 520 rpm
Fan blades 2
Braking system Passive
Dimensioni 0,9 x 0,9 (1) m
Swept area 0,81 m³
Weight 26 (2) kg
Conformity certifications CE, IEC 61400-2 (Class IV)

Type Permanent magnets
Nominal power 400 W with wind speed at 14 m/s
Nominal current 90 Vac with wind speed at 14 m/s
Phases 3
Poles 32

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