Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Best Priced Solar PV Inverter On The Market. The Ginlong Solis-Mini Solar PV Grid Tie Inverter

Ginlong Solis-Mini Solar PV Grid Tie Inverters

Ginlong Solis-Mini-700 Solar PV Grid Tie Inverter 700 Watts 50V To 400V Input Range

Great Technology At Unbelievably Great Prices

The Solis-Mini series offers a wide range of voltage inputs that makes it very versatile. Compact and easy to install and setup the Solis-Mini series of Grid Connected Inverters have been created to handle mini PV applications. The range offers output powers ranging from 0.7kW to 2kW and a wide input voltage range(50V to 400V). These inverters can handle almost any PV system with its sophisticated, programmable control and fast responding algorithms, the Solis-Mini outperforms any other non-dedicated inverters. MPPT algorithms also allow maximum performance and you can maximize your output and minimize your payback period with a Ginlong inverter today.

Key Product Features:

● Over 95% Max. efficiency
● 50V-400V input voltage range
● Precise MPPT algorithm
● More thinner and more lighter for one-person easy installation
● IP65, visually pleasing for domestic environment
● RS485, WiFi/GPRS(optional) interface
● Numerous protection functions
● WiFi and monitoring app available
● 5 years standard warranty, 10 years optional upgrade

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