Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Planetsaver® LED 221mm & 284mm LED Lamps

221mm & 284mm Warm White

*NEW!* From DFx Technology Ltd., DFx Planetsaver® LED 221mm & 284mm Lamps.

DFx Planetsaver® LED 221mm & 284mm Lamps are part of a new range of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps designed as a direct replacement for existing fluorescent lighting designs.

Super bright LEDs

DFx Planetsaver® LED 221mm & 284mm Lamps give all the benefits of long lamp life (up to 50,000 hours or 6 year continuous operation), low power consumption (reduced carbon footprint), with the added benefit of a low operating temperature at a competitive price.

Planetsaver LED 221mm & 284mm in Frame

DFx Planetsaver® LED 221mm & 284mm Lamps consume only 3W (6VA) instead of the 60W consumed by conventional designs!

Instant full brightness

DFx Planetsaver® LED 221mm & 284mm Lamps provide an affordable, reliable, long-life, low-energy lighting solution for the 21st century.

DFx Planetsaver® LED 221mm & 284mm Lamps are part of the DFx Planetsaver® LED Range and are available in 230V ac model and in the following sizes: 221mm and 284mm.

221mm & 284mm Hi-Render™

Planetsaver® by DFx Technology presents the energy saving LED lighting solution for 221mm & 284mm lamps for applications that require superior colour rendering. Planetsaver Hi-Render™ lamps provide greater colour rendering with a CRI greater than 85 and emit no UV light, making them perfect for use with fine art and other colour sensitive applications. Planetsaver Hi-Render™ 221mm and 284mm lamps are available in two colour temperatures (2100 °K & 2400 °K) and alll have a life expectancy of 50,000 hrs, meaning that they may not need to be replaced for 20 yrs!*

Planetsaver® Hi-Render™ 221mm & 284mm lamps consume only 5.2W. Buy From:


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