Saturday, 16 April 2011

Behringer ZB285 Black B-Control Deejay BCD2000

Behringer ZB285 Black B-Control Deejay BCD2000: "Behringer ZB285 Black B-Control Deejay BCD2000

 The B-CONTROL DeeJay BCD2000 will play, mix and scratch any WAV and MP3 files as well as other audio formats. Connect up to two DJ turntables, a CD player or a hand-held media player and use the BCD2000 as the foundation for your mixing setup. Get ready to mix and scratch even your favorite vinyl with MP3. The BCD2000 features a full-speed USB 4-channel audio interface plus high-resolution 24-bit A/D and D/A converters. It perfectly complements the included BEHRINGER B-DJ software or any other DJ software. And don t let the cutesy looks fool you: this is an integrated, full-fledged audio mixer with a premium quality mic preamp, 3-band kill EQ per channel, ultra-precise faders, super-smooth crossfader and talkover function."

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